The Lizardman at Coney Island
02:18 PM
Perhaps the only thing freakier than watching The Lizardman perform is going out to a nice dinner with him. He manages the stares, photo-shoots, and salutations with the same easy flair as he does when sticking things up his nose or wiggling outta a straight jacket.

But the freak ain't crazy. Born Eric Sprague, a doctoral candidate in philosophy, The Lizardman travels the world performing, with a repertoire of over 36 acts, and a humor that makes him a rockin MC for metal shows and tattoo conventions.

Tonight, he takes the stage solo at my beloved Coney Island Sideshow at 9pm ($10 admission). He'll also be performing with the sideshow cast until the 16th.

If you can't catch him at Coney, he'll be working the Tattoo Hollywood convention August 21-23, the Stockhokm Ink Bash August 28-30 and South Dakota's Black Hills tattoo show September 18-20.

Also watch The Lizardman online via his YouTube channel -- just not while eating.

I'll probably arrive a bit early tonight to get a Coney Island lager at the Freak Bar and forked tongue kiss. See ya there!
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Eric is a great guy, always very cool and down to earth the times ive seen/spoke to him.
glad to hear the shows are running strong. still, i like to read more from him.

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