Dee Dee Ramone: History On My Arms
10:00 AM
history.jpgDirector Lech Kowalski has apparently packaged up some interview footage from his original documentary, "Hey, Is Dee Dee Home," to give us a slightly-new DVD entitled, "History On My Arms."  It not only features extended uncut footage of bassist Dee Dee Ramone rambling on in his nasal insanity and goofing around on a guitar - but apparently Dee Dee walks the camera crew through the story of each of his tattoos (tattoos which reportedly got him into a heap of trouble with the notoriously conservative and militant band-leader, Johnny Ramone). 

Something tells me he doesn't have any Kat Von D memorial pieces of his pomeranian and his narrative runs more along the rails of, "Johnny Thunders and I gave these to each other on a four-day smack bender... So, ya know... That's cool."

And while I will admit that I haven't seen it yet (and would gladly accept a free copy sent to the Needles and Sins compound for a proper review *ahem*),  that lone one-star review on Amazon is a little disconcerting:

"...there is one reedeming part where Dee Dee stops playing and goes into the kitchen to cook some eggs and you here him banging around the kitchen while he begins a conversation with his cat!"

But if you've ever seen interviews with the D-Man, you know that he might as well be talking to cat - and that's just what makes him so lovable.  Hell, even my mom loves the Ramones, and if you love the Ramones, you just gotta love Dee Dee, nonsensical giggling and all.

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