London Tattoo Convention Part 2
11:00 AM
london tattoo convention.jpg
I'm in recovery from this weekend's London Tattoo Convention, which means I'm in a Heathrow Airport pub nursing a cider and overpaying for WiFi. Evidently, I'm not alone in my post-convention haze. In disrobing at security, exposing my sleeves, the agents seemed jaded. Yet another freakshow passing through. Yawn.

Despite my crazy convention schedule, I've yet to become apathetic to the walking works of art that surround me there. Yes, it's about the art but it's also about being able to go up to attractive people and say, "Hi. I'm Marisa from Could you take your pants off please?"

And they do.
And I photograph it.

Check the new pics I  added to the convention Flickr set.

The Independent also has a review and photos from the show like the one above.

Looks like my plane is boarding. Will have the tattoo news for you tomorrow when I'm back in Brooklyn.
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Awesome coverage for us that couldn't be there, thnx lots!

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