More Tattoo Fest Coverage: Paris & Minneapolis
07:53 PM
paris tattoo art fest.jpg Marianna & Veronique at the Paris Tattoo Art Fest

While I was working (and partying) at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this weekend, my friend (and Belgian tattoo artist) Veronique Depuydt was doing the same at the Paris Tattoo Art Fest -- and she managed to take better pictures than I did. Check them on her Facebook page.

You can also view a quick video of that show on Australia's The Age site.

Stateside, the Minneapolis Tattoo Arts convention also took place this weekend and the City Pages were there to cover it. They have two fun slideshows of the convention with photos by Jon Behm (like the one below): the "sexy" photos and the "good" photos.

Looks like a fun time at both conventions! I'm off to the London tattoo show on Friday. Will have more pics and reports for you this weekend. 

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Wow i love the work and the creativity of tattoos and i want to graduate form highskool and become a piercing and tattoo artist.i practice drawing alot and needles don't bother me and i know i would enjoy it.I would appreciate any advice form an artist!!!! =p

Write back wen u can.


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