Safe To Swim Weekend 2
09:56 PM
As Marisa has a meltdown ramps up for her book release party and subsequent publicity touring, this weekend I begin rocking a Bettye LaVette with my own personal hell to raise...

It's with great pleasure that I announce the beginning of Safe To Swim Weekend 2 tomorrow brought to you by the Patron Saint of the New England Music Scene - and founder of Sub Rosa Party - Anthony Yacobellis.

And while I may be "follicularly-challenged" in comparison to the cats and kittens on the flyer above (designed by yours truly), I can safely stake my claim in the event as both a vendor and a musician.

This Saturday, Marisa and I will be giving away Needles and Sins swag and slinging t-shirts at the Lapdance Academy Records booth from 1pm on and my stoner-metal band, Dogs of Winter, will be gracing the "Cultural Commission Stage" at 6:50pm.  So if you're in Danbury, CT, or the surrounding area, definitely come on by and pose for pictures with us!

Over 35 bands will be gracing the outdoor stages and the subequent "after-parties" from Friday until Sunday, including: my old and dear friends, Earl Greyhound; my collaborators and confidants, Saint Bernadette; the NHL's favorite novelty act, The Zambonis; a frightening version of myself in 10 years, Joe Roberto; and my nominee for "best band name ever," Total Dick.

Admission to the outdoor shows is totally free!  Bring a lawn-chair and cooler and prepare to have your face melted.

And for those of you out of range, follow Safe to Swim Weekend on their Twitter feed or just check out Mr. Yacobellis on Vimeo.

(Seriously, if any of you are in touring bands, you NEED to get in touch with Tony - if you have your shit together and have your chops up, he is the man to know for your runs between NYC and Boston.)

This weekend party is exactly what I need so I don't have a meltdown. Thanks, baby!

Where's Danbury?

you know damned well where it is, Sub Rosa Party...

but for the rest of you -

Thanks for adding your usual greatness to S2SW2. Real lucky to know you guys. Looking forward to coming up together - this site looks fantastic!


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