The Audigier Nail In The Coffin
02:56 PM
ed-hardy-mens-punk-18195-6192_zoom.jpgYeah, yeah, yeah; I know, I know... We all roll our collective eyes with every new product that gets Ed Hardy's name smeared across it and swear never to discuss it again.  But if this crap is gonna keep popping up like the cockroach/bedbugs version of Whack-A-Mole, my eyes are going to be rolling into the back of my head faster than Linda Blair's mother realized she needed two priests: an old one and a young one.

Well, I have nothing to comment on this latest abomination because my pal, Vince Neilstein, over at (my personal version of AP Reuters), pretty much hit that tarty little Frenchman right on his copyright/trademark-infringing head with this gem of a post:

"Punk's not dead... so we'll celebrate by charging $145 for an ugly t-shirt made by teens in a sweat-shop in Taiwan, to be worn by privileged suburban white males who wear supposed 'punk' clothing as a badge of identity."

Forget it... Punk is officially dead.  Long live punk.

Totally agree, I thought the t-shirts were bad but then I heard he has a vodka. I don't know who is worse, Christian Audigier or the people who buy his crap.

finally an EH Tshirt i REALLY want... burn

..or wear

... or wear while burning down the EH factory

Sometimes I get so incredibly angry about shit and I can't even form complete sentences about how I feel and therefore spend 20 minutes trying to write something that would make sense to a coherent human being but still fail. This is what's happening right now.

I'm really stoked this thing has spell check though.

This shirt is perfect for when I accidentally spill my cocktail of Ed Hardy energy drink with Ed Hardy vodka down the front of myself. At least I have an Ed Hardy beach towel to dry off and the cologne to cover up the smell. Good thing I had the Ed Hardy ipod cover on my tunes or else they'd be fried! OI OI OI

My Favorite discrace of "Ed Hardy Merchandise" is his quazi-Martha Stewart line of decreative 8 and 16 ounce glasses, shot glasses, shower curtians, pillows, bed sheets (yes bed sheets - high thread count no less), and serving flatware.

Maybe we should all write the food network and try to get him 30 minutes after the ace of cakes!

In addition to that, his contrabution to Toys R' Us was wonderful...with remote control pirate ships, helicopters, and other toys.

I'm really happy that tattooing is starting to be more accepted, but somewhere draw the line!

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