Breast Cancer Awareness Tattoos
11:35 AM
Tattoo by the fabulous David Allen

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and tattoo studios across the country are working for the cause.

In Aurora, Colorado, 5280 Tattoo is tattooing free pink ribbons every Saturday this month on breast cancer survivors and the loved-ones of breast cancer victims. Reni Soto has already made her appointment, telling Fox 61 News "I'm getting 'faith' underneath it. I kept my faith through the process. Every time I look down I remember what I went through."

In Pomona, CA, this Saturday, October 10th, is the Second Annual Tattoos for a Cure where the artists of Ink'd Chronicles will be tattooing the pink ribbons and other designs at their Pomona Art Colony location (there's an $80 minimum). All the proceeds will go to the Breast Health program at the Robert & Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center. There will also be an art show and live bands.

For years now, the Healing Art Foundation has been "Saving the Boobies" bringing awareness and raising money through tattoo and fine art. They also hook survivors up with tattooists for tattoos, permanent make-up, areola repigmentation, and cover ups.

Those interested in getting a pink ribbon tattoo with a Celtic twist, see Pat Fish's story of how she created her endless knot of remembrance tattoo design, which can be downloaded for purchase here.

One of my favorite tattoos is this F*uck Cancer rendering that I found on Punk Rock Mommy a couple of years ago, but be warned, it's a heartbreaking tale of one badass woman's fight against the disease.

On a personal note, my mom is a breast cancer survivor, and in her 70s, is still kickin major butt. She did tell me that if I wanted to honor her battle, "a nice Italian dinner" would suffice and not to get needled on her behalf. No worries, mom. Reservations -- no tattoo appointments -- have been made.

Thank you for posting this story. My studio, Perfection Dermagraphics, is also giving free pink ribbon tattoos to honor the very brave women who battle this terrible disease throughout October. It is hard to lose a mother to breast cancer when you are in your twenties, and still many years later, always thinking about how this wonderful lady never got to see her brilliant and beautiful grandchildren.

It is heart wrenching to see a long time client, a 29 year old single mother of a five year old, lay on your table telling you she has stage 4 breast cancer. Every singe day though, she is a warrior - a survivor - a hero.

The tattoo community is truly giving and caring, and I am so proud to be associated with you all.

This is the most amazing tattoo i've ever seen. My grandma has breast cancer and my aunt had it, in 3 months im for sure getting it!

i had a fiance go to leukemia. this tattoo is pretty amazing i must say. for me this tattoo brings up new ideas

hi i was wondering if you could desgin the same hope tattoo that was for breast cancer but with black incorporated becasue thats the color for skin cancer?

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