Femme Metale Tattoo-Inspired Jewelry
11:33 AM
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It's been a while since I did a shopping post. I guess in these recessionary times, I'm less about the flash and more about the rent. But the news today on economic growth inspired me to get back to the bling.

Check the latest from Femme Metale, rock and roll jewelry in sterling silver, with a custom fine jewelry line as well.

Leslie Homan is the tattooed designer and head diva at Femme Metale, a company she started in 2000 to bring the rock star look to all beyond the A-list hands of Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, and Kate Moss, among many others.

A large part of the collection is tattoo inspired like this pendant shown right: an old school Sacred Heart with the themes of Faith, Hope & Love.

Personally, I got major love for the Sugar Skull ring on this store page ($130). Of course, I wouldn't say no to the diamond encrusted crossbones ring should someone be inspired to drop the $6,000 pour moi.

If either is outta your price range, check Leslie's Kitsch 'n' Kouture line, where jewelry like the Mitch O'Connell designs retail between $20 to $26.

And for your badass bitches, Underground Hound, another Femme Metale brand, offers tattoo design doggie tees and charms.

Now go forth and stimulate the economy.

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