Heroes' Painted Lady, Lydia
11:25 AM
heroes tattoo.jpg
I keep meaning to check out the show Heroes, which airs Monday nights, because this season they have a new character whose power comes from her tattoos: Lydia, a name likely derived from the Marx song, revamped by our own B. Grosz.

[Indeed, my own tattoos have super-powers -- the power to illicit the dumbest questions from people ever.]

Lydia's power works like this: she gets needled and the ink morphs into a tattoo of a person,whom she can then learn of there thoughts, feelings, whereabouts...She's an empath. Essentially, a tattooed Counselor Troi. [Shout out to my Trekkies.]

Wait. Is this too much geekin out for ya?

Well, watch this YouTube video of Dawn Olivieri talk about her Lydia character and how she's naked for most of the show, and maybe you'll forgive me.

Also check this video clip of Lydia's tattoos in action. The next episode is tonight at 8/7c.

Thanks, Chris, for the links!

[Indeed, my own tattoos have super-powers -- the power to illicit the dumbest questions from people ever.]


I'm in my mid-40s, a (tenured) professor with six tattoos, all of which are visible in spring and summer, depending on my clothing choices. Strangers and several university colleagues have asked whether or not they're real. I usually respond, "No, I get up extra early every morning to draw them on." But I ask you - what kind of grown-ass woman would wear fake tattoos to WORK?!?

Ok, wanna get geeky/stupid?
The guy in the pic is Robert Knepper.
He was in Prison Break a show in which a tattoo was a central part of the story.
He was also in Carnivale which also had a beautiful mysterious mostly naked tattoo artist asian chick who for some reason had to get naked and straddle the tattoo-ee to give a tattoo.
The point?
I like naked woman.
Um, what were we talking about?

tattoos, Star Trek, the Marx Brothers and a naked broad.
what a wonderful post today.
thank you.

Father Panik is my favorite superhero. Next to naked ladies, of course..

oh, come on now, nerds! let's not forget about how this also ties into the Bradbury classic, the Illustrated Man... not only did his tattoos come alive to tell stories, his only "unadorned" spot on his back would eventually reveal the future of the viewer.

there may indeed only be a handful of storylines out there in the universe, but Hereos is sounding a wee bit derivative to me (on multiple fronts).

I love that 'Heroes' was able to explain why this chick has to be naked and made it part of the plot.

Another reason why I wish I had gotten into Heroes earlier.

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