Horiyoshi The Third Fall/Winter Collection
12:37 PM
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Japanese tattoo master Horiyoshi III is legendary for his exquisite full body suits, inspiring legions of tattooists worldwide. Naturally, getting an appointment with him is no easy feat, but now you can wear the artwork of Horiyoshi III without the trip to Yokohama.

His new clothing line, Horiyoshi the Third, has released their Men's Fall/Winter 2009 Collection and it's a sexy set of tigers, demons, and other traditional wood block print imagery -- without the bedazzlement of, say, an Audigier monstrosity. The line is produced in Japan on a limited run basis -- a lesson learned perhaps, after seeing how Ed Hardy's licensed designs were bastardized.

I particularly love the subtle extras like the Hanya pendants on the zipper pulls or the fine sleeve detailing. The accessories are also beautifully designed, but with the catalog link broken, I can't tell ya how much they'll hurt your wallet.

Read more about the collection on The Freshness Mag online.

You can purchase the clothing at Alan Bilzerian in Massachusetts and Brown's in London but I also found a number available on Amazon.com like the Dragon Head hoodie, the "Wall Street Ogre" hoodie and the White Snake tee.

Will have more on the Horiyoshi the Third brand, especially when the women's line comes out.

Hi Marisa!

Here is the working link for Horiyoshi clothing:


Prices are, hum, rather... exclusive...

Cheers, Mick

be warned:
the Alan Bilzerian shops in Mass or closed on sunday and may require you to call ahead to be let in.

ive had a hard time giving them my money/ seeing what H3 they have...

Hmmm, hellish, overcrowded hoodies... I'll admit the T's are cool, but £120.00 cool? Hell no. £500.00 for a cardigan?? Lets see if we can thrash every last penny out of the fashionista idiots eh? No better than Audigier. I'll stick to taking my top off, if I want people to see cool tattoo designs. Plus mine last a hell of a lot longer and were only a little more expensive! ;)

I actually bought a hoody and a cardigan at browns and i must say the quality is superb. I know it's not the same as a tattoo from the master but i dont mind paying for nice gear. Besides, it's definitely not that Audigier crap so dont even commpare buddy

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