Joe Capobianco's new Knock Yerself Out
04:18 PM
Joe Capobianco, one of the world's top female fantasy tattooists, as well as illustrator, painter and all around good guy, has a new sketch book out that will inspire tattooers and collectors looking to get sexy.

Knock Yerself Out is a 120-page hardcover filled with all new sketches, drawings, and color studies by an artist who has spent his career mastering the art of pin-up. The book is designed to be used as flash or to spark your own recipe for cookin up some cheesecake. And it retails for the low price of $25 via Pulse Tattoo Supply (the same peeps behind Presto Art, which published the book).

You can get a video preview of Knock Yerself Out on Joe's homepage and check sample pages (not all work safe) on the Pulse Tattoo blog.

Is it Kosher to get tattooed with a verbatim design from a published sketchbook or would it be like stealing? Just wondering

wow, those are some nice cans!

WAAA! this is great.

Miguel, right from the book's description: "Joe created this book to be used like flash and as always it's packed front to back with a bevy of beautys."

Yes this was meant as tattoo flash (nothing more, so don't get any ideas beyond tattooing). Hence the name "Knock Yerself Out".

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