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Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage

This past weekend, the "Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth" in Vegas' Mandalay Bay Convention Center housed some the world's best tattoo artists -- from Samoan master Sulu Ape Pili Mo'o to Japan's Horitoshi to today's tattoo prodigies like Mike Devries.

And while the list of those names make me tingle, the media didn't find it too sexy, so most of the coverage was on a shirtless Dave Navarro and other Hollywood homies in attendance.

Thankfully, I can get gossip from friends who attended. Here's what Chris Stauber said:

"I was really up in the air about what I expected from this convention. I think that was mainly due to how lame every other Vegas show has been. This one was OK. They tried and I think they get credit for pulling off the best convention we've locally attended. There was a little disorganization between the entry lines and the competition format and the whole space seemed a bit big for the show. Attendance seemed decent taking the crappy economy into account. I heard it was free to locals and I know there were all sorts of links for websites to sign up for free passes....I really enjoyed the international presence. Seeing the Horitoshi tattoo family and the booths of traditional tapping was amazing. The tattoo museum was fun and somewhat educational. Sylvester Stallone walked around with his body guards and was kind enough to take a picture with our good buddy Jared from Next Generation Machines. I smiled pretty for a lot of cameras."

Chris took photos, which you can find here. Also check Soo Serious' Flicker for great shots.

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