Light Roast Liner Machines
06:11 PM
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My buddy Badur of Punk Medics -- a design and java connoisseur -- sent me this link to tattooer Seth Ciferri's latest promo for one of his tattoo machines, the Light Roast Liner.

The For Print Only blog looks at how Seth worked on designing, with Keegan Wenkman, the Courier Coffee Roasters packages that hold the pound of coffee you get when you purchase the liner machine. The design has that old school feel that Seth is known for although the idea that my tattooist is hopped up on a pound of caffeine before a session kinda frightens me.

FUN FACT: Seth was also on one of the Tattoo Wars series, the most "real" of the tattoo reality shows, where he went up against Michelle Myles. [See clips of the show here.]

Since July 2008, Seth has been building his sought-after machines in Portland, Oregon full time.

I bought Scott a Light Roast Liner and he loves it. We haven't tried the coffee yet but I am looking forward to it. Also can't wait to get tattooed with the liner. He put it to test outlining a giant rib panel, and it laid out the nicest velvety lines.

on a side note:
while i havent personally been able to check out "Punk Medics', i have soem friends that have and im glad to say they give 2 thumbs up!

what do "velvety lines" look like?

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