Tattoos on the Vegas Strip
09:50 AM
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Mario Barth's "Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth" kicks off today, and after back to back convention weekends, I'm sitting this one out. Just looking at the show's party and concert schedule is giving me a virtual hangover.

But despite the emphasis on the rockers that will be in attendance, the real stars are the A-list tattoo artist line-up. I just wonder if the crowd will get that. Nothing is sadder to me than watching some frat boy go up to, say, Bob Tyrrell and ask for a Kanji that means "warrior." And also tell him he only has $50. [Although, I'd love to see Bob do it as a gag.]

In the news today, Mario talks to the Las Vegas Review Journal about the show and his Starlight Tattoo Studio in the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino. And the bottom line of that article is ... the bottom line. Tattoo studios that make their home in the Strip's top hotels -- eight and the ninth to come soon -- generate hand over fist cash allegedly. Prime example, last year, Starlight Tattoo reached its first-year revenue projections after just four months.

With this accessibility, will we see a changing demographic in the tattooed populace?

The first client at Hart & Huntington's Palms tattoo studio was "a 67-year-old woman who has used her casino players card points to get five more tattoos since 2004." With more retirees in the tattoo chair, maybe now, I can get a seat at the slot machines. 
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I already had a bad dream about this show. It was a combination of one of the stage & studio lamp industry shows where I work a both for 3 days mixed with a "normal" tattoo convention. Very strange dream indeed. I'll let you know my opinion but I certainly didn't slate the whole weekend for it!

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