Tattoos & Taboos in Judaism
06:54 PM
Photo by Ariel Jankelowitz for The Forward

In further proof that the revolution will be shaded, come two events, back-to-back, which prove the Jewish mainstream is quickly catching up with Craig Dershowitz and the illustrated masses.

First, myself & my haphazardly-shaved chest are featured on the front page of The Forward (traditional Judaism's version of the Wall Street Journal, with more Wall, less Street) along with some fine art photography featuring the Rebbetzin herself, Marisa Kakoulas on an article describing tattooed Jews and our ever-growing influence on the unmarked.

Second, Sixth & I, a historic temple in Washington D.C., has tapped Ami James, the Israeli
tattoo artist made famous on Miami Ink, to speak with Todd Weinberger from Inked magazine regarding all that is Tattoo & Taboo about Jewish body art on Sunday, October 25th at 7pm
Unfortunately for all of us, that event promises to be sans Marisa's glamor shots.

Tattooed Jews, this is the moment. The house of cards is creaky, the Jenga tiles poorly structured. Let your ink speak out now and let us push Judaism into a culture of artistic acceptance and freedom of expression.

"Unfortunately for all of us, that event promises to be sans Marisa's glamor shots."


Real Men use Nair.

Amen Brother.


Real men use magic Shave. Good cannot wait till the unmarked are shown. There is quite a few down south. Afew are already marked

best to you and yours, in your efforts to illuminate the mainstream Jewish community and end the repression of the inked!!

more power to you

Tattoo'd Jews baby!

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