Where The Wild Things Are Tattoos
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wild things are tattoo.jpg
Where The Wild Things Are tattoo by Shaun Topper of Da Vinci Tattoo

Last night, Brian and I went to see Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are -- both of us being childhood fans of Maurice Sendak's book -- and it definitely did not disappoint.

The picture book and film tug at all emotion: anger, joy, fear, love, trust ... so it's not surprising that those wanting to wear their hearts on their sleeves choose WTWTA tattoos. And there are many.

Here are some picks of my faves in addition to the above by Shaun Topper:

In fact, tons of WTWTA tattoos flood Flickr, and more are being added to the movie's blog.

On the non-tattoo tip, psych and philosophy buffs will love this NY Times Op-Ed on the film, where David Brooks offers gems like this:
"People have only vague intuitions about the instincts and impulses that have been implanted in them by evolution, culture and upbringing. There is no easy way to command all the wild things jostling inside."

Go see the film. You'll love it so.
Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery in Douglasville, GA will have Where The Wild Things Are tribute days this Thursday and Friday. Dave Kruseman will be tattooing designs of characters from the book with prices ranging from $50 to $150 these two days only. It's a first come first serve deal with food and drinks while you wait. See sample flash sheets here. Sweeeet!
Thanks, David G, for the heads up.

Madam Marisa. I'm trying to contact Dave Kimelberg about some advice for one article, but I dont know if he still uses the inkedinc email. Could you email me please? :)

Thank you,


We had a WTWTA tattoo back in June:



I think it is really interesting how many artists can take the same characters and illustrations from the book and interpeted in different ways.

Glad you like my tattoo! Most current form is this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/grace134/4048905178/

(getting it worked on again in April)

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