Happy Thanksgiving Y'All
11:44 AM
thanksgiving tattoos.jpg
If you're like me, you'll soon spend today gorging yourself so the sound of chewing drowns out the familial questions of why you write about tattoos daily instead of regularly practicing law. I know, it's a common problem.

When asked, "What's new?" you'll leave out the part about your newly decorated foot, and instead quickly discuss your joy over the Greek soccer team qualifying for the World Cup. The latter topic being a much bigger crowd pleaser.

And when the wine starts to flow and cousin Arthur wonders out loud whether he should finally get "inked" at the age of 68, you whip out your trusty  Thanksgiving Tattoos, and slap 'em on his wrist so he feels just a wee bit badass when taking his third helping of stuffing.

It's probably around the time you've had your own third helping of pie that you begin to wonder out loud yaself how you'll fit into any bathing suit next month when you head to Puerto Rico for some sun and drop in on the Skin Designs Body Art Fest (December 13th). You keep chewing & vow to juice-fast in the morn.

But at the end of it all, you'll feel thankful for your tzatziki-flavored family who are loving and colorful -- despite being tattoo-free -- and grateful for friends who are gracious enough to listen/read to your holiday moanings without telling you to shut up because you're damn lucky.

Thank you, friends, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Happy normal Thursday day to you too! :)

You can be thankful for family and friends wherever in the world you are, Pyrrhus. :P

Have a wonderful normal thursday!

i loved this write-up

maybe something to do with being Greek too...


Heretic, i know you feel my pain, file mou.

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