Historic Images: Bristol Tattoo Club
02:55 PM
Skuse Schiefley tattoo.jpg
The Selvedge Yard blog -- whom we've link loved before -- has a fabulous array of vintage photos in today's post: "BTC Bristol Tattoo Club: The Skuse Family, Generations of Killer Ink."

The post offers historic info along with the many photos of the legendary tattoo family, whose studio, Les Skuse Tattoo, still operates in Keynsham, Bristol. You can read more about the Skuses's 80+ years in tattooing here and here (check the lip tattoo pic!).

Here's my favorite quote from Les (which we should all heed today):

"I have always been ready and willing to learn, never thinking I knew it all and continually searching for ways in which to improve my work and equipment. It is my firm belief that the more tattooists meet, correspond and exchange ideas, the better it will be both for the individual and the profession."

Thanks to Matt, Jake, and Rafe for the link!

UPDATE: The Lizardman just reminded me that many of these images can be found in Taschen's 1000 Tattoos book.
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True or false, the dude on the right could be one of Jesse James's relatives. The resemblance is ridiculous!

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