Holiday Gift Guide: Ambigram Tattoo Designs
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abigram tattoo3.jpg
Love Me/Hate Me Ambigrams by Tiffany Harvey

I've always wanted an ambigram tattoo -- a blend of lettering art and illusion that can be read upside down to read the same thing (or something completely different) so that the tattoo is a reminder to myself as well as message to others. Now, there are a lot of ambigram tattoo sites but I didn't want computer generated image or cliche word flash, so I went to my next Holiday Gift Guide artist to create personalized designs for me.

Check out Word Illusion, Custom Ambigrams by Tiffany Harvey.

Tiffany offers a variety of fonts, embellishments and arrangements to design your perfect ambigram tattoo. She can create one, two or three word ambigrams but for my design I wanted two separate words that read the same up and down. I picked the font, sent her the words, then sent payment -- $30 each -- via PayPal. [The price may be a bit more than a word generator but it is custom work, and like tattoos, you get what you pay for.] 

The designs take a week to create but with a day or two she had two sample sketches for me. They were both great but I had envisioned something different so she came back with two more designs, and I chose my favorite from those two, both stellar designs.

Now all I need is the courage to tattoo my wrists (my sleeves stop about two inches above the wrist for when I need to be a secret agent).

For a gallery of Tiffany's work, check out her Flickr pages.

One final and important note: Tiffany makes a living designing these ambigrams and yet many have ripped them off -- including a number of tattoo artists -- without compensation. To use a design that has already been created is only ten bucks, so taking a screen grab of her work and tattooing it not only makes one a thief but a cheap ass. You don't want that bad juju going into your body anyway so do the right thing and respect her copyright.

ur so cute, who could hate you?!?!?

ps- this may make you think twice, but those 4 words together make me think of that song by Pink....and i may have to sing it every time i see you if you get this tattoo...

my wrist tattoo is the only one i'd remove. there's just no hiding it.
though that would be the best place for them.

I encountered Scott Kim when he was in high school. He was a really brilliant kid who could write any ambigram after just a moment's consideration.

After getting his Stanford PhD, he turned pro. He has a web site if you're interested.

Your wrists can be easily viewed inverted, so that's good for ambigrams. But that's going to be EVERY time you reach upward.

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