Holiday Gift Guide: Black Corset Candles
01:07 PM
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It's Day 2 of our N+S Holiday Gift Guide & we're doing something soft and sexy this Saturday.

Check out Black Corset Candles.

In addition to falling under our cool, independent seller requirement, here's why I like 'em:

* They use 100% natural soy biodegradable wax. And soy wax burns cooler, i.e., slower, so you get more burn for ya buck.

* Their soy candles produce little, if any, soot and smoke so you won't get those ugly black stains by glass rims.

* You can add their fragrance oil to the candle for a more sensual scent.

* The playful packaging means you don't have to dig out the old Santa wrap and bows. I loved the leopard box my mini-candle came in and kept it for my baubles.

* And for the naughty, the ladies of Black Corset Candles offer another way to use their product:

"With our natural & skin safe ingredients each Black Corset Candle can be used as a moisturizing candle. Simply light and let burn until a full melt pool is achieved. Blow out the flame & use the silky, sensual, melted wax to soften your skin."

Yeah, I meant for moisturizing. Why else would you pour hot wax on someone?

* And finally, the price is right. These hand-sewn corseted candles run from $22 to $9 USD.

Also check out their other products like Kirsten Easthope's Queen Pin Deluxe line, which includes the Pray for a Good Tattoo and the Tattooed Lady scented candles, for $14.50 each.

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