Needles+Sins Holiday Gift Guide
01:59 PM
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In the US, today is considered either Black Friday Shopping Melee or Buy Nothing Day. But for me, it is neither. I will refuse to trample hapless Walmart employees for a "hot holiday hamster," but I will also not play the holier-than-thou card and pontificate over the evils of over-consumption. I save my holier-than-thou-ness for other things.

I propose a middle ground: let's shop, but do so supporting independent, tattoo-friendly artists, crafters and small businesses. With this in mind, I've come up with a Holiday Gift Guide for y'all to lessen the pain of holiday shopping and not feel dirty while doin it.

Starting today until next Friday, I will post a gift suggestion every day. Everything I suggest, I own so I can vouch for quality, shipping and ease of transaction online. Some are made by strangers. Some are made by good friends. Either way, it's all cool shit.

The first item is coming up soon.
P.S.: I made this pretty little picture above using the Tattoo Shop iPhone app.

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