Tattooed Dolls (or Monday blues cure)
11:58 AM
tattooed dolls.jpg
It's early afternoon in NYC on a rainy Monday and I'm having the pleasure of canceling credit cards and pondering the contents of a purse that is no longer in my possession. With a To DO list gettin anxious as Celine Dion plays on the phone while I hold for my bank representative, my laptop dings. I have new mail from the fabulous Jeffrey. And what do I find, all by myself, that makes my heart go on? This:

Tattoo Lady Edith and Tattoo Man Percy selling for $28 on the equally fab Spitfire Girl shop. The dolls are beautifully designed by California tattoo artist Jason Schroder of Incognito Tattoo. Jason also designed these "Gang of Punks" plushies.

Other snarl reducing gifts found on Spitfire Girl: sassy hankies, teeth mug, gypsy wood journal,and the Little Lady Gift basket.

The greatest tragedy here is that my cards are canceled, and until I get replacements, can't order my tattoo dolls yet. It's moments like these I could use those sassy hankies!

oh man that sucks! i still pine for the wallet i lost 15 yrs ago with the irreplacable pics of my past pup.

Nice Dolls :) are they for kids too?

Psst--if you haven't already done so, put a fraud watch on your name with Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion (notify one and they'll notify the other two for you). It's free for 90 days, and will prevent Scurvy Identity-Thieving Bastards(TM) from opening any accounts in your name.

Some kind of artistic dolls over here, i find it a cool one for my house and its even makes me want to collect this type of dolls.

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