Book Contest Ends at Noon Today (EST)
10:42 AM
Just a gentle reminder, friends, that our book contest will end today at noon (EST) so you have a little more than an hour to fill out the survey for a chance to own Vintage Tattoos: The Book of Old-School Skin Art. The winner be be picked by me yelling into the other room for Brian to pick a number between one and the final number of entries and that entry will get the book. It's very scientific.

Even if you're not a contest person, it would be great if you'd fill out the survey anyway because it will help us shape N+S in the new year to give you more (and less) of what you want in a tattoo blog.

this sweepstakes methodology was brought to you by a team of MIT graduate students, the number 4 and the letter "Dumb"

more new year
less old year

and boobies!

Love and Health to you and yours in the new year!

Heretic, love backatcha! And keep up keepin us in check! ;)

only since you asked...
keep that in mid, cuz one one day youll want to uch me in the face.

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