Covering the Cover-Up
03:14 PM
tatremoval.jpgA model friend of mine forwarded me this call for models from the Elite Casting Network.

It appears that there will be yet another reality television show dedicated to our little tattoo subculture. Yet, this one removes itself from the traditional style of watching clients get inked and, instead, focuses on watching them get that ink removed.

It seems as if tattoo shows have jumped the shark so completely that they've landed, all wet and bothered, on the other side. I wonder how many "I got this tattoo for my wife but then I caught her in bed with the gardener" tales will be told.

Ads have also been put out on Craigslist, like this one, so maybe the E.C.N. call is legit, but it doesn't hurt to be suspicious when you read complaints such as this post about a lot of the casting sites being scams. Considering more tattooed people are being searched for on these sites, best to be aware.
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dude - that's the Battlestar Galactica logo!!

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