Holiday Gift Guide: Body Jewelry Faves
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Carved bone spirals by Ebone Designs.

Our Holiday Gift Guide ends tomorrow, and I hope we helped tattoo lovers with their lists this week, but we haven't forgotten our pierced pretties out there. Here are picks for top body jewelry available online and off.

* Ebone Designs has been my long time favorite since my old days. Owner Dy Robbins in Bali works with local artisans who carve and shape organic materials into gorgeous designs, like the Garuda spirals above and this Dragon loop I love. The prices are very reasonable for these materials and craftsmanship. Check out their clearance page for even better deals. My go-to place for my stretched lobes.

* One Tribe Organics is also an eco-friendly small business comprising young artisans. Their showroom/workshop is in Richmond, VA, and they have a Bali workshop as well. Their wide selection of products are also reasonably priced. My recent faves are the Saraswati Swan in Bloodwood and the Chrysanthemum Moose Antler Plugs [see their statement on using animal byproducts here). Also check their selection of vegan friendly jewelry.

* Reign Custom Design specializes in large gauge plugs and weights that have more bling for ya buck. Their Copper Death Bowls are legendary for being beautiful and badass at the same time. [I'm trying to cut down on my "badass" usage but I'm at a loss for a better word to encapsulate the, well, badassness.] To buy online, download their catalog and email your order or head to BME Shop, which carries much of their merch.

* Venus by Maria Tash will always hold a special place in my heart because, a billion years ago, before Christina, Britney, & Jessica got pierced and adorned at Venus's luxe Broadway studio, I was at their local East Village shop, just a few blocks from my bachelorette pad, getting multiple holes in my body and filling them with gorgeous gold and gemstones. Maria was doin high-end body jewelry from the beginning.

sm_cover.jpg* Le Roi is a larger company with a massive catalog of decently priced jewelry, from surgical steel to niobium to 18k gold. LeRoi Manhattan, which has been around since 1995, recently shacked up with DareDevil Tattoo, so you'll now find piercers in the back of their LES lair.

On a final note ...

A must for long-time piercing lovers and newbies wanting to know more is Elayne Angel's The Piercing Bible, the definitive piercing guide by a practitioner who revolutionized body art.

Oh wait, just one more thing ...

For piercing and tattoo care (and a variety of vegan skin products), check back on our Punk Medics post.
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Elayne Angel and Maria Tash are the Women.

we dont know each other wel.,. but they were both good to me when there was no reason to bother

but hell, all those folks on that list are pretty awesome, far as i can tell.
and your getting up there too, keep it up!

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