Knuckle Tattoo Temps
11:50 AM
knuckle tattoo.jpg
I've been obsessing over knuckle tattoos since Nathan Black of visited the N+S headquarters in Brooklyn [Moe's Bar], during his 30 Days in the Air Tour via JetBlue.[Check Nathan's airport code tattoos from that trip.]

But considering my equal obsession with being gainfully employed, I found something at the Exit 9 boutique yesterday that could satisfy both:

Temporary Knuckle Tattoos for Him & Her.

temp tattoos.jpgDesigned by Fred & Friends, the peeps that brought you the Stiletto Door Stopper and Pick Your Nose Party Cups, these temp tattoos seek to have you "toughen up, temporarily." With that kinda talk, I couldn't resist so I forked over five bucks each for two packs -- his and her.

I should've only bought the dude one, however, because I wasn't feeling the female options like "Gold Diga," "Porn Star," "Head Case," "AHot Mess," or "Mean Girl," among other messages a mano. The temp tattoos for him were more my taste: "Book Worm," "This Hurt," "Riff Raff," "Rock Star," "Last Call," & "Geek Life" (shown above). [I'll never be NerdCore as MC Router & her (real) knux but I can play one on the Internet.]

The temps were easy -- but not quick to put on -- and Brian and I giggled over my tattoo nerdiness, but the actual tough part was taking them off as we neither had baby oil nor rubbing alcohol around (the suggested products for removal). Nail polish removal and scrubbing eventually got the temps off, just in time for a work meeting.

They don't call 'em "career killers" for nothin.
2 Comments is definitely a super fun super guilty pleasure... Especially since I'm always toying with new ideas about what could go on my own -- you know, when I win the lottery.

NICE knucks!
is it real?!?

nice to hear Mr. Black is alive and well, im hooked on his site and have been wondering why sham69 has been the top post for ages!
i do have t say that the downside of that site is how hard it make it for me to pick out a sweet set of knucks for myslef. so much good stuff is taken or have great stories. they also illustrate how much cool stuff you can do with that piece of anatomy.

one day....

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