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09:09 AM
Brian and I were supposed to be back in Brooklyn today, blogging our hearts away after a refreshing sojourn to San Juan, but because of the beautiful NY weather, our flight has been cancelled and we're "stuck" in Puerto Rico. Oh no!

While I was taking an internet break (I had to get back online to stop the nervous twitching), the powers that be at BoingBoing reviewed my book Black Tattoo Art. Xeni gave it a gracious review and I'm thankful. She asked that I send her more "techy" photos from the book, and I sent her many from the Art Brut chapter, which she loved.

The commenters were less generous than Xeni, however, (except the one person who actually owns the book) and offered insight like "I do believe tattoo overdose is this decade's mullet" or comments (a lot of them) on whether a butt tattoo was of Starsky and Hutch.

Rather than play with the trolls there, I'll simply answer 'em here before I go back to the pool:

* The book is covers everything from traditional tribal (e.g., Maori and Filipino tattooing)  to Zuluetta's Neo-Tribal to Dotwork as well as the "techy" tattoos of Art Brut. You can see more photos here.

* I am not independently wealthy nor a construction worker. I am a lawyer who has worked on Wall Street and international firms in Europe. I just didn't go to work in a bikini.

* Every page has the artist credit so you know right away who did the tattoo. Their contact info is in the back of the book.

* You CAN get a tattoo simply because you think it's cool.

* As for the Starsky & Hutch(??) butt tattoo, well, I'll let you have some fun with that in our own comments section.

Ok, off to bathe in SPF50. Hasta La Vista!

BAD ASS MARIS! Congrats!

If anything, tattoos were the 'mullet' of the 90s. Tazmanian devils, tribal armbands, airbrushed panthers, the 90s was the worst decade for tattooing by far.

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