World Tattoo Convention Online Begins Today
10:32 AM
world tattoo convention.jpgI am PSYCHED! And when is the last time you saw me using all caps here? But the coolest thing in the tattoo world is going on right now and you gotta check it out:

Today is the first day of the World Tattoo Convention, an online gathering of tattooists and collectors from around the world broadcasting from their studios via live web-cam transmissions for the next four days

Before I posted this, I watched artists from Russia, Egypt, Belgium, Canada, and Uruguay working. The feeds come with chat interaction so you offer your thoughts on the tattoo or just say Hi. Of course, the quality is as good as the cam feed, so some artists didn't have sound while others came through loud and clear. For a couple, the positioning of the cam didn't allow for the best viewing so the World Tattoo moderators messaged them to change the angle when they took a tattoo break. Yet, despite some minor glitches, it's all just too cool. I'm giddy.

Top artists participating including Benjamin Moss, Bob Tyrrell, George Bardadim, Kurt Wisombe, S.Pili Mo'o, Yushi Takei, Vincent Hocquet, among many many others.  

The World Tattoo Convention is brought to you by Spain's TattooArte Magazine, who have been covering conventions for years, so they've taken the elements of what makes a top tattoo gathering and brought it online.

For example, they've organized "the first world tattoo contest," letting the audience participate and vote for their favorite artists and pieces. The artist with the most votes for a tattoo done during the live broadcast will receive 1000€ in cash. Other prizes are awarded to tattooists as well as participants.

It's also a great way to discover new artists. Besides watching them work live, you can view their tattoo galleries and read their bios. Look for tattoo artists near you on the interactive map or leave messages for artists on the other side of the world and ask what their travel schedule looks like.

Admission to the online convention is $7.50 US (5 Euros) for all four days. You won't get that kind of door price at any offline convention. The show ends December 20th. A must see. 

that sounds Awesome!

too bad my tubes to the interwebz sucks
and no webcam for me!

You don't need a cam to be a voyeur. ;)

I've been getting a sneak peak of all these studios around the world. Some have really good cam placement so you can see everything from freehanding or putting on the stencil to execution. I also like to check the different set-ups.

Ace Daniel's studio isn't tattooing yet but telling funny stories before getting to work.

I'm at work right now and can't wait to get home in the morning so I can go have a look see! What a brilliant idea.

I have just registered, and Im watching Vincent Hocket from Belgium one of my favorit artists, thanks for the tip!

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