Benefit for Matty No Times
10:30 PM
matt_portrait.jpgAs a NYC based denizen, I've frequented a few (but not many) tattoo studios in the five boroughs. One of the best studios I feel is Three Kings Tattoo situated at the corner of McCarren Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, one of the artists- Matty No Times has been out of commission for the past few months.

From their news section: 'as i think most of you know, matty has been out of commision for the past few months. matt is waiting for a liver transplant and though he has been in and out of the hospital for the past 4 months, his spirits are high. we've all got our fingers crossed that his new liver will arrive soon and he can get back in the chair, but for the time being, he needs some help. like most tattooers, matt didnt have insurance and has a pretty hefty medical bill in front of him right now. he is also engaged to be married to a great woman, who also has an 8 year old daughter, so money is pretty tight for him right now. if you can help at all, you can donate to his paypal address


and come to his benefit show on january 29th. Gospel is playing for the first time in years, drunkdriver and tournament are both coming out to raise money, and i hope you will too. there will be posters for sale, t-shirts for sale, and hopefully a bunch more benefit shows and art auctions. thanks for all your help

matt_flyer.jpgI was lucky enough to be tattooed by Matty during their Friday the 13th Zombie special last March. He was the first artist in the past year to start tattooing my legs.

Shirt_Mohawk_john.jpgEvery little bit helps- whether it be a small donation, a t-shirt (only $20!) or just coming out to the show...

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