Glasses Tattooed on Man's Face, For Real [??]
01:37 PM

File this under "Ways to enhance tattooing as a fine art."  This video, which went up on YouTube today, shows a guy named Matthew getting a pair of glasses tattooed around his eyes. I had to watch it a few times to see if it was the real deal because I guess I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that someone -- who has some really great tattoos -- would get a facial tattoo that screams out to the world "I'm a douchebag." But it's pretty safe to say that it's not a hoax considering the blood seeping through the ink and the irritated skin around it.

He also posted photos of it on his Flickr page.

It's making me sad for tattooing, but maybe I should just lighten up about it. What's your reaction to the tattoo?

[Many thanks to Derek for the link.]
UPDATE: Some people in the comments are saying that it still could be a hoax: he could've been tattooed without ink and the faux glasses placed over it. It's a possibility for sure but I'm not fully convinced. Many said the "tattoo star face girl" was a hoax, and while she lied, the tattoos were still real. So we'll see how it plays out. If it is fake, it's really good.

I wonder what how he is going to feel later on in life about that decision.

I think mostly it doesn't look that good -- give him points for the idea, but they *probably* should have filled in the lenses to make them look like sunglasses, which was clearly the inspiration. The way it is now, the frames disappear on the sides of his nose and it just sorta looks sloppy.

goes great with his other faded, all-runnin'-together crap.

Yeah, wayfarers. Saw them on flickr and went... lame?

Maybe he really likes Don Henley?

Who's the artist?

Its a fun, silly tattoo - the sort of thing many people would properly love and support were it not on his face. Your face is just skin too people

Someone in the YouTube comments thinks the user who posted that has a history of fake clips promoting Raybans: http://thefutureofads.com/never-hide-films-are-viral-successes-for-ray-ban

I seriously doubt it is fake, esp watching the close-ups. Just look at the blooddrops coming from the ink.

No idea on the artist. If anyone knows, post it here.

Looks real to me too - but that link to the other virals looks like a pretty slam-dunk case that if it's not fake, it's at the very least contrived.

And if that's not enough, his Flickr page is basically brand new, and the only other set features him wearing the same clothes as the YT video, and stars the tattooist as one of his friends.

I think it's fake. I really like it though. I assume the tattoo artist used a machine with no ink (so yes, he was tattooed, technically) and they painted on the blackness as they went. It is edited in such a way that this is entirely possible.

Clever viral marketing.

It looks real, but it appears the artist did no preliminary drawing? I would have certainly drawn it on first to make sure it was straight and even (which suggests to me that perhaps it was faked). Although honestly, I would have refused to do it!

it could be fake.
I hope it's fake.

whether it is real or it isn't doesn't matter; just one more log on the "tattooed people are morons" bonfire.

I thought I saw a stencil! check the before pic again. looked like he was drawing in the beginning of the video, too. I'd watch it again, but it gives me agida.

even if they tattooed him inkless and painted over it, some of that ink could seep in and become permanent.

I want that tattoo artist's name!! I have some questions about his thought process. A) if it's real, WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO IT and B) if it's fake, WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO IT. neither truth paints a good light.

okay, I think I'm putting my official vote in as FAKE.

the whole process is too clean!!

there's barely any ink on the artist. I don't even see ink on a paper towel. I know when I tattoo, there are streaks and smudges all over...even if he cleaned up, the stencil would have wiped off in areas. his face doesn't look wet from being cleaned anyway. I don't see much skin stretching going on. there's some blood but only in a couple spots. the edges where it fades into his hairline aren't red or bloody and it should be.

(or maybe I just want it to be fake really, really ba

It is - by the way - not the first tattood glasses ... Jack Dracula ( http://hubertsfreaks.com/?page=jack_dracula ) had those too ages ago ;-)))

I hope it's fake.

If not, I suppose he won't be interviewing for that high powered corporate job or traveling the deep South anytime soon.

I'm calling BS on this one. If it's real, think can I get his girl's number? I'm sure she's single by now.

the fisrt thing i think ..wtf !!
but after looking another time ..i realize ..it s a fake !!!
nice try boys !!!

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