Happy New Year!
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Needles+Sins is not even a year old but the blog peer pressure to do a yearly round-up is like that first free toke, and so, in our post-New Year's Eve haze, we're going back to highlight a few special posts and offer fun site stats:

Most Linked Post:
"Dirty Tats." The Game. The Tragedy. In September, I wrote about a new off-road racer game that promoted its launch with an app called "Dirty Tats" where you can tattoo the (moving and throbbing) boobs of your usual video vixen. The real fun was when BoingBoing.net linked it and 120 commenters warred over feminism, misogyny and how many things I have "stuck up my arse," to which I say "Kiss my tramp stamp."

Second runner up:
KoRn guitarist gets "Jesus" tattooed on his knuckles to stop masturbating. If only "Freak on a Leash" fit on ten fingers, then maybe we all would've been saved from "Nu Metal."

Most Commented N+S Post:
Tattoo & Employment Discrimination prompted debate over tattoo stereotypes and freedom to conduct business as a company sees fit, even if it's bad business.

Creepiest Post:
FBI Wants Tattooists To Rat on Clients. After that was posted, a few tattooers in NYC contacted me to say that they too were approached by the FBI to give info about "terrorist" tattoos.

Second Runner Up:
Tattoo Freaks: The Hottest Halloween Costume.

Most Popular Artist Profiles:
  •  * Zulu and Miya Baily's by Miguel Collins.
  •  * Bailey Hunter and John Reardon by Pat Sullivan.
  •  * Yoni Zilber by Craig Dershowitz.
  •  * Amanda Wachob by me.

  • Best Interview on Judaism and Tattooing Anywhere on the Internet:
    Tattoo Jew: The Definitive Guide to Jewish Thought and Law Regarding the Practice of Tattooing. Craig's provocative Q&A with Rabbi Henry Harris.

    Keyword Searches Leading People to N+S (aside from our name):
    • *  "naked tattooed breasts" (you knew that was coming)
    • *  "naked marisa kakoulas" (I only wrote for Suicide Girls!)
    • *  "career killer tattoos"
    • *  "miley cyrus tattoo" (sigh)
    • *  "are tattoos a sin" (answer below?)
    • *  "in russia you got tatoo if you commited to sin"
    • *  "my daughter went to bali with friends and returned with a large tattoo on her tummy" (I kid you not)

    My Own Personal Faves:

    *  Brian's post and free download of his rendition of Lydia the Tattooed Lady.
    *  Hell City write-ups by Chris Stauber and Justin Stitches
    Evolution of a Backpiece.
    *  And the Tattoo Shop iPhone App with which I make cheezy images like the one above.

    More on new schemes & changes to N+S in 2010 next week. Thanks for reading. You are beautiful.
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    Happy New Year!

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