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11:27 AM
Just received the message below from Dr. David J. Ores and Michelle Steckert of Dare Devil Tattoo who have joined to create Ink4Haiti -- an initiative that unites tattooists to raise money for the Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund: 

"Here's the idea: Donate ONE tattoo you perform to help the good people of Haiti.

Tattoo artists from all over the world can donate the fee they collect for one tattoo they perform directly to RED CROSS to help out the people suffering in Haiti from the recent devastating earthquake. It does not matter what the tattoo is, who the client is, or what the amount is. None of that matters.

ONE tattoo. ONE fee collected. ONE fee donated. That's it.

Do not send any money to us. Donate your amount directly to the RED CROSS by clicking the "Haiti Relief and Development " button.

THEN, please send us your name, the name of your shop, the amount you donated and, if possible, a JPEG image of the tattoo so we can post all that up on www.Ink4Haiti.org. Send it to drdave666@gmail.com

Let's show the world that tattoo artists and collectors care and know how to show it."
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Like like like.......going to link to that asap.
Good work for alerting us.

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