More free music. It's a trilogy, really...
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I had to get the Christian fish tattoo. The problem came the other way & when I rejoined Tap and they looked at the fish tattoo and said, "what's this?" So, after a few days of thinking about it in consultation with my tattoo master, I had a second tattoo...this was before laser removal of course...a second tattoo of a very large devil with an open mouth consuming the fish. So, I made it a two parter.

Yup, those are the words of Spinal Tap bassist, Derek Smalls (as interviewed by Ear Candy Mag), on his brief stint with with Christian rock group, Lambsblood, and his subsequent return to the almighty Spinal Tap.

shark_sandwich.jpgI have to admit, I was a little amazed that my webernets-search for Spinal Tap tattoos came up almost entirely empty.  Given the wealth of Ironic Ink out there, you'd think that someone out there would have tattooed the numbers 1-11 around their nipple like a Marshall knob or some Celtic armband homage to an 18" Stonehenge.  All I managed to find was the image at right, which admittedly is pretty rad - Eric Mai's ink is a tribute to a Tap album that was mentioned in the film but never actually released, Shark Sandwich (and, yes, Tap *did* release albums and even tour).

"Why all this talk of the Tap," you ask?

Because Lapdance Academy has some new, free music for all of you - a trilogy of works from the canon of Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls and whichever drummer hasn't spontaneously combusted just yet.

First up, is "Rock N Roll Creation" from my stoner-metal act, Dogs of Winter.  Drop-tuned to a sludge-tastic C# standard as two drum kits pound away in tribal fury, not only does RRC feature an analog-keyboard breakdown, but it's also got a sample of the pre-natal heartbeat of bassist/vocalist Ryan Dowd's son (not to mention some killer cover-art for you fantasy-genre junkies by illustrator, Joe Boyle).

But the real kicker for you members of the Needles and Sins Syndicate will be my piano/guitar arrangement of "Lick My Love Pump," which features vocals from the lady of the manor herself, Miss Marisa!  I managed to convince her to purr and coo Nigel's lines from that infamous scene (performed here by Legos!!) and all I had to do was make some vague promises about housekeeping, bathing and dinner at a four-star restaurant.  (Oh yeah, I also did a blues cover of "Gimme Some Money," which is a part of the same download.)

Who says we never give ya nuttin for nuttin?

Dogs of Winter - www.lapdanceacademy.com/rrc
Brian Grosz & The Bad Idea - www.lapdanceacademy.com/tap

Please forgive my cheezy vocals. He made me do it. Promises of regular showering go a long way.

Just had to say, your blog rocks! Keep up the good work!

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