New Blogger Sean Risley & Other N+S Updates
01:46 PM
I promised changes to the site in the new year and they are underway, my friends:

* First up, welcome our newest tattoo blogger: Sean Risely, a New York artist whose beautiful tattoos have graced fashion campaigns including those for Rodarte, Converse, Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen (his ad shown above), and many, many more. To find out more about Sean, check his Paper Mag interview.

* Because we have Sean on board now, well, we didn't think we needed to continue with our "objectified tattooed men" category. [Actually, not enough of you wanted to be exploited. And that made me sad.]

* We've also removed our graffiti category based on your overwhelming suggestions to do so and when we can locate him under any of the Brooklyn bridges, we shall remove Bobby Fisher as well.

* We hear you, Tattooed Internet, and we'll be bringing you more artist interviews, book reviews, convention coverage, lots of news and sponsored events.

* And speaking of events, if you're in the NY area, join us this Friday in Brooklyn at Tattoo Culture for the solo photography of Maria Guido entitled "Girls" -- featuring selected images from over a decade of Guido shooting burlesque. More details on Friday's event here. If you can't make it to the show, view Guido's work on her (reVAMPed) site.

**As an extra treat, a burlesque performance by Madame Leon will compliment the show.**

* Some of you have suggested that we post more events outside of NYC and LA -- where our writers are -- and we want to, but need your help. We do our best to scour sites and magazines for listings but if you see a tattoo-related event that you think is cool, let us know.

* Finally, thank you for your suggestions, comments, and kick-in-the-asses. It may be a labor of tough love, but we're all used to pain around here.

Much love,
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Good to see Sean joining in on the N+S roster... I enjoyed his own personal blog from a few years back and have missed his writing since. Awesome!

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