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matt shamah backpiece.jpg
Photo by Charlie Brewer for News.com.au.

Photos of "Painted Ladies" dominated this past week's tattoo news with galleries from the  Miss Tattoo Asia Pageant at the Singapore Tattoo Convention to Miss Tattoo Australia -- including the photo above of the Matt Shamah backpiece on the winner May Cheung.

In addition to the Miss Tattoo Australia photo gallery, the Courier Mail has an article on the  "fast-growing female tattoo culture" in Australia. The article also mentions the Surf 'n' Ink tattoo convention on the Gold Coast taking place this weekend.

singapore tattoo convention 2010.jpg For more Miss Tattoo Asia photos, check Klik TV. Klik also shot plenty of tattoo photos from the Singapore Tattoo Convention that were not only of half-naked women (like the one shown right) -- best viewed on their Flickr page.  They posted additional photos on their site in contest format where you can vote for your favorite tattooed person.

Also, on Flickr, check photo sets from photographer Naveen Prabhakar, Anvil Den, Apocalypse22001 and DumbKuKu.

[The Convention's Facebook pages, here and here, are being updated regularly with photos from attendees.]

The Sydney Morning Herald has a well reported short video on the Singapore Tattoo Convention. The paper's article on literary tattoos, however, is too snarky even for me.

Getting back to the fore-mothers of today's painted ladies...

Read this article on Sarawak women whose tattoos once marked status and beauty, but today, are rarely seen except on the elderly.  Reviving Filipino tattoo traditions are the Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe. Last year, members traveled to the Kalinga mountains for the Kalinga Batok (tattoo festival) and had a chance to tattoo and be tattooed by local elders, including 89-year-old tattooist Whang Od. Read more (and see photos) about that festival in this great article by Lars Krutak. [The Revival chapter in my Black Tattoo Art book also features the Tribe and traditional Filipino tattooing.]

Tattoos for beauty and status can be found in Chanel's upcoming line of trompe-l'œil temporary tattoos shown during their Spring-Summer 2010 fashion show. The transfer will go for about $75 US (50 Euros) at Chanel stores and high-end boutiques beginning March 1st. Fashion divas Susanh Breslin and Samantha of the fabulous Haute Macabre sent me the Chanel links, and we all agreed to reserve judgment until we saw them in person, but as I told Sam, I think transfer tattoos are perfect for people who really shouldn't get tattoos (like the guy at the gym with the armband that only goes half-way around his bicep who thinks we both have something in common). At $75 a pop though, it's still a commitment, financially.

For more faux tattoos in fashion and home decor, check NBC San Diego's Imitation Ink gallery.

I've given you the pretty links, now time for the quick-n-dirty:

If my resolution is to stop saying the word "badass," what tattoo should I get?

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