Battling Super Bowl Champ Tattoos
03:13 PM

The Super Bowl starts in a few hours but for these two fans, the winner has already been declared, at least on their skin. Check out the tattoo video above of Mr. No.1 Saints Fan complete with manly George Michael soundtrack, plastic cups of booze, and (we're assuming off-camera) monster truck. The "Who Dat" above the Saints' logo also scores big.

More "artsy" is the ColtsSkinDeep Dude below who not only has the Colts logo meshed with blue faux-muscle ripping out of his calves (ala 1991 Cherry Creek Flash), but also autograph tattoos of the players and coaches smattered about his bod. No iconic gay music in that vid. The father-son thing is cute although part of me thought that exposing a child to such bad tattoos at a young age could warrant a call to Child Services.

We'll see whose championship tattoo is justified and who has to make a laser appointment. But when it comes to sports fan tattoos like these, aren't they all winners? Really. Go team?

Thanks, Ginger, for the vids!

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