Detroit Motor City Tattoo Expo Live Blogging
05:57 PM
Just got to downtown Detroit's Marriott at the Renaissance Center for the 15th Annual mega  Motor City Tattoo Expo, which begins tomorrow and rocks through the weekend. Will have my usual bad photos and redux at the end, but in the meantime, check my tweets (yeah, I'm embarrassed saying it too). Here's the latest feed below. To read it all, go to my Twitter account.

  • * Photos & redux of the Detroit Tattoo Expo are up. And at 3am, so am I. http://bit.ly/cWKumU 
  • * @KristelOreto That Hello Kitty butt tattoo is Fantastic! And your client had a great sense of humor modeling it to tattoo paparazzi
  • * The Detroit Tattoo Expo has come to a close. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. [Will join the masses at the bar soon.]
  • * Abey & Jose Lopez of Lowrider tattoo have swept almost every black & gray award all weekend. Their work is like butter, sooo smoooth
  • * Tattoo expos aren't just for tattoos: you can pick up jewelry, prints, tees and of course rubber ducky sex toys. http://yfrog.com/3l9o2dj
  • * Nice! RT @DanHenk Last piece I completed yesterday-customer's girlfriend with a sort of "day of the dead" mask http://twitpic.com/15vc1n
  • * Great portrait done at the Detroit Tattoo convention RT@AlissaBrunelli All done! Thanks again nikko! http://twitpic.com/15rovx
  • * Tattoo competition winners being announced. It's like American Idol for those with high pain threshholds. Amazing work without crazy Paula.
  • * Ok, my last tweet was too much "you-kids-get-off-my-lawn." I'm just jealous of their Gwen Stefani and Lil Wayne portraits.
  •  * @sambot your hand tattoos are the cause of our nation's financial collapse!
  • * 20-yr-olds here covered in work (necks&knux) & at 37 i'm worrying about doing my hands & employability. I'll still wait till I'm an adult.
  •  * The "tribal" category used to be the redheaded stepchild (ahem) of the tattoo competition world but it's getting better with more diversity.
  • * Tattoo mag photogs are shooting girls with large breasts & complaining about bra marks in the photos. Can't roll my eyes enuf.
  • * @NikkoHurtado is doing his signature portrait perfection on @AlissaBrunelli (a redhead now. Yeah!) Can't wait to see the result.
  • * Nothing sadder than poor facial work. And there's lots of it at this convention. [Of course there are some wonderful exceptions but rare.]
  •  * Check tattooists working the Detroit Tattoo Expo: @NikkoHurtado @biggusink @DurbMorrison @DivisionTattoo and @KristelOreto.
  • * Uploaded just a few Detroit tattoo convention pics from Day 1. More to come: http://www.flickr.com/photos/needled/sets/72157623392321195/
  • * I do so love conventions where you can go up to tattooed strangers, ask them to take down their pants, and they do so without question.
  • * Detroit convention filling up despite snow. Booths buzzing with amazing work -- from Robert Hernandez B&G to Dan Plumley color portraits.
  • * Oh and these great legends of tattoo like Brian Everett & Jack Rudy are so open & friendly. No rock star attitude, even tho I'm star struck.
  • * Just gave Jack Rudy a copy of my Black Tattoo Art book and he's down to be in my Black & Grey book. Woohoo!
  • * "Conventions are places where you can get the worst work from the best artists." After last night's 3am pre-party, well...we'll have to see.
  • * Hangin with the West Coast boys and realizing how uncool I am when they see I have only one knuckle tattooed.
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want updates on next expo.Can't wait to go..

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