Guest Blog: Horiyoshi III on Tattoo Aftercare
12:08 PM
Here's another great tattoo anecdote by guest blogger John Mack, an American who has been getting tattooed by Horiyoshi III for nine years. Check out his previous posts:  Part IPart II,
and Part III.

Before sharing these stories here, I first related them to Horiyoshi III to make sure he felt they were accurate and appropriate for blogging. I also suggested topics that would be off limits, but he waived these restrictions and encouraged me to share all my experiences.

Horiyoshi had forgotten, or simply didn't notice, many of the events I found memorable. Telling my Horiyoshi stories to Horiyoshi himself was fun for both of us. Today's anecdote is the one that seemed to amuse him the most.

Around 2006, a foreigner was getting tattooed by Horiyoshi. In the West, it's customary for the client to receive detailed aftercare instructions, and so after his session, the foreigner looked puzzled when Horiyoshi finished without saying anything. Realizing it wasn't going to be offered, the client specifically requested instructions on how to take care of his new tattoo.

Horiyoshi replied in English, "Don't touch." 

It seems the Master (like our Editrix) subscribes to the LITFA school of tattoo aftercare.

Horiyoshi's practice is now limited to finishing existing clients' tattoos.  As I have repeatedly witnessed, all new clients are politely referred elsewhere.

Can't beat that advice.

oh man... It's quite the willpower battle not to pull off those big hunks of dried up, itchy skin. Sometimes, I cheat myself and just start breaking off little pieces... to my own tattoo's detriment... totally gross, but oh the satisfaction is hard to deny!

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