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Photo by Armando Brown from the OC Register

This past weekend, rock stars of the tattoo and music variety, worked the Musink Festival in Costa Mesa, Ca. drawing massive crowds -- and press. Legends like the Buzzcocks, The Cult and Lemmy shared top billing with tattoo's own long time stars like Jack Rudy & The GTC crew, Bill and Juni's Diamond Club, Clay Decker, Greg James, Mark Mahoney, among many others.

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Outside of the media's loving embrace of the show, it has been criticized for placing the musicians before the tattooists and creating a more difficult atmosphere to tattoo in. Some artists have even blogged that they would not attend any more conventions that were not put on by tattooists themselves. But other artists working this year's show touted the event live on Twitter. Without attending myself, I'll leave it there and just say ... Lemmy!!!
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"Who would win in a fight: Lemmy or God?"

"Uhh... God."

"Nope, trick question - Lemmy IS GOD!"

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