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skull tattoo calypso.jpgHey y'all.

I'm working on a new tattoo book project, and in it, I'd like to show how artists interpret popular tattoo themes in their own style. That's where I could use your help.

If you have a skull, dagger or heart tattoo that you would like to share in my project (for a major American publisher), please email a high-res image (or send a link for me to download it) to marisa@needlesandsins.com along with information on the artist who tattooed you.

UPDATE: I should've clarified that tattooists can submit as well BUT the artist will need express permission from the client to use the image in the publication.

My eternal love,
Dotwork skull tattoo by Daniel DiMattia, Calypso Tattoo.

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The skull was the first part in the piece to cover an area of that was used in my past. When I went to get another piece on the top of my forearm the Japanese wind blended in really well as a nice background of the skull. This is far from done yet. I hope this helps with your search and enjoy. ~jasun

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