An Ode to Joan Jett's Tattoos
08:43 PM
joan jett tattoo.jpg

Everyone's been talking about Alice in Wonderland-inspired tattoos, but I've been jonseing for ink on The Runaways, which opens this Friday. And with this film tribute to rock matriarchs, I give you my own Ode to Joan Jett's Tattoos.

* First, the tattoos!

* Second, the symbolism behind them, shared in the most wonderful book, Permanence Tattoo Portraits by Kip Fulbeck, shown above.

* Third, people who have tattoos of Joan:  here, here and here. None of them truly fitting tributes but devotional nonetheless.

* Fourth, this would be a way better Jett tattoo.

* Finally, bonus trivia: During Joan's Runaways years, she only had one small tattoo below the belt-line, which can be found on sullen girl Kristen Stewart in the film. The original tattoo was done when Joan was 16 by Lyle Tuttle. [Bonus useless trivia: A fake tattoo "foreshadowed" Dakota Fanning's role as Cherie Currie.]

Considering Joan is the executive producer for the film -- and allegedly made Kristen cry on set -- I'm thinking The Runaways movie is gonna be the [cherry] bomb. [sorry]  For a preview, check the YouTube trailer.


shout out to ya! joan jett still da (ahem) bomb (even if cherie sang it)


I'm really looking forward to this movie. Joan Jett obviously rocks...and so do Kristin and Dakota.

"there is divinity in each of us" JJ

Thank you thank you thank you for this post! Love Joan and can't wait to see the movie. In the first link, they got the symbol on the back of her neck wrong, it's an ohm, not kanji but no biggie. Now I need to listen to my Runaways album the rest of the day.

Whenever I see her being interviewed she seems like a really genuine person. Today's young women should pay attention to what she says, whether or not they are in the music industry.

my 3 yr old daughter got the Joan Jett Barbie for Christmas
she says "Joan Jett rocks!"
i have a funny feeling we'll hafta wait 'til she's a tad bit older to see the flick though.

I can 't wait to see the movie :)

I want to get a Joan Jett piece but I'm almost out of skin space? Any ideas where I could put it? Most of my girlfriends think the idea is stupid, but I really want one.

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