Revolver Magazine - The Tattoo Issue
03:50 PM
TattooIssue-210x277.jpgI haven't picked up a copy of Revolver Magazine in quite some time because, with a few exceptions, I find the state of modern/mainstream "heavy" music to be pretty despicable ("Dude, you're wearing eyeliner and skinny jeans; cut out the Bad Boy routine 'cause I ain't buying it").  But, I caught the scoop from the boys over at Metal Sucks that Revolver had released their first ever Tattoo Issue (March/April), so I ran out to a newsstand.

And then another one... and another one.

In fact, I've been to 8 NYC/Brooklyn magazine shops in the last 24 hours and have come up entirely empty handed. 

Is it being kept off shelves because of Kerry King's skull (inked by Paul Booth) which has been drenched reigned in blood?  Or is it because of people vying to skip Booth's extensive wait-list and get the temporary tattoo he designed that's included with each copy of the mag?

Quoth the Prince of Darkness on the matter:

You could make fun of me for making a temporary tattoo--or you could think about the fact that I'm getting to your children. And you know, I'm all about fucking up the heads of little children.

So, if you can find a copy in your town, you're a step ahead of me.  Then again, I don't really care about what Tommy Lee and Chester Bennington have to say about their tattoos...

Read more about the issue on Revolver's blog or order your copy from their online store.

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