The Two Dollar Tattoo Project
04:56 PM

Here's a tattoo pursuit making me love Canadians even more: The Two Dollar Tattoo Project.

In essence, it's a challenge to inspire tattooists to create works beyond their comfort zone and then share their creations online. It's also a way for shy collectors to get an artful little tattoo without the big reveal. And for me, it's another part of my tattoo voyeurism as I love seeing blog updates of work coming in that are fun and well done.

The project is founded by "eccentric curmudgeons" Philip Barbosa from Stick & Poke, George Brown and Matt Ellis of Seven Crowns Tattoo, and Alie K. at TCB Tattoo Parlour. Let me let them tell you the details of Two Dollar Tattoo:

"All artists participating will be expected to create unique works of tattoo art executed with only a single needle (as in single-needle configuration, No cheating using a round or a mag for any of the tattoo!). Line-work, shading, colour...all must be executed with the same needle! The size of the final product will be expected to fill the space of a "toonie", a Canadian two-dollar coin (approximately 28mm or 1 1/8" in diameter). The artist should utilize all of the space within the circle since in this case its not just size that matters. The Two Dollar Tattoo Project is expected to be both a game of camaraderie as well as a professional courtesy for artists and industry people. The only monetary exchange for the tattoo is to be a shiny Canadian $2 coin, which can be used for sizing of the drawing and final stencil, and MUST be utilized as proof of compliance with the set parameters."

The video above (found here on YouTube) shows how it's done. More details can be found on the site's right sidebar.

And as for how these tattoos heal and will age (that is, will the lines spread into each other becoming a two dollar blob) ... well, here's their answer.  

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