Archival Tattoo Footage From the 30s and 50s
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I was so excited to see the vintage footage of tattoo culture from the 1930s and 50s via Broken's super-awesome YouTube page, and thought I'd share with y'all a few faves before we head into the weekend. The videos are from film found in the British Pathe' archives, which is worth checking out beyond those of tattoo history. [Keep in mind that if you do a search for "tattoo" most will be of the military parade kind]:

The first video below is of Jessie Knight, one of the UK's first female tattoo artists whose career spanned from the early 20s to 1963. You can read more about her here.

This one that follows shows legendary tattooist George Burchett, whose Memoirs of a Tattooist published in 1958 detailed his experiences tattooing (especially on royalty) from the late 1800s. As the book is out of print, I had to search hard for a copy but you can find used ones online (most for $200+). Here is George tattooing permanent make-up as well as a decorative tattoo on a "society lady."

Finally, check this footage from the old Bristol Tattoo Club [which we've written about here]:


I am so curious to learn more about the bristol tattoo club, b/c all I know about it are a few photos and one or two newspaper articles from the day. Thank you so much for this-- can't wait to share.

interestingly, I swear I have seen pictures of a woman (Pamela Nash?) in some of the photos labelled "btc". Perhaps just a "company model" in the words of Gob Bluth?

This is an amazing post. This is one of the tattoo blogs that actually matter and have substance. Thanks for posting this!

The British Pathe archive is so much better than the YouTube stuff. I only just realised you can watch all of British Pathe's stuff online on their own site.

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