Body Type 2: More Typographic Tattoos
01:30 PM
body type tattoo.jpgFollowing the monster success of her first book BODY TYPE: Intimate Messages Etched in Flesh, Ina Saltz is back with another beautiful hardcover devoted entirely to typographic tattoos and those who wear them:

BODY TYPE 2: More Typographic Tattoos features 200 tattoos and the stories behind them, including these gems: a memorial tattoo of a father's signature on his daughter's wrist; an ode to Helvetica typeface (as seen here); beautifully designed ambigram tattoos; Lou Reed lyrics; a Mr. T tribute;  and my fave, tattooist Joy Rumore's knuckle tattoos by Eric Merrill sporting her moniker "The Milkmaid" (in "Santa's Big Secret" font).

See more photos from the book on the Body Type website here

Ina Saltz is a photographer, art director, design critic with a specialty in typography and editorial design, and while she doesn't have any tattoos, she pays respect to the art by, not only presenting the works in en elegant way, but also making sure the tattooists are credited in the back of the book. Sadly, this is rare in many tattoo books put out by big publishers. My only wish for the book is that the artists' websites were also included so that readers can easily connect with the tattooers when inspired. She does, however, include contact information for the wonderful Stephanie Tamez of NY/Brooklyn Adorned, whom she gives a special shout-out to for contributing many of the tattoos shown, adding "Her skill and passion for typographic form is unparalleled..." [Indeed, Stephanie rocks.]

If you're in NYC Thursday, May 6th, Ina will be doing a presentation and book signing at 7:30PM in the Barnes & Noble on Broadway and 66th Street. More events listed here.

Body Type 2 retails for about $20 but you can buy it on Amazon.com for $13.23.

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