"Covered": A Film on Women Tattooists & Collectors
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The "tattooed woman" obsession in the media has not yet waned since the unfortunate Michelle McGee graced tabloid covers for being tattooed and sleeping with Sandra Bullock's husband [her resume in a nutshell]. The upside, as I've mentioned before, is that heavily tattooed women are getting some sort of voice in the news to dispel stereotypes and address tattooing as an art form.

What's been largely left out of this discourse, however, are the stories of female tattooists, so when my friend Kari filled me in on a documentary on these artists, I was stoked.

The doc is called Covered, and based on the trailer (shown above), it appears to cover a range of experiences, from foremothers of modern tattoo like Vyvyn Lazonga who fought to learn the craft to new apprentices who say that haven't met with any discrimination at all. The film also goes beyond the tattooists and addresses how "heavily tattooed women must negotiate social sanctions from strangers, family, friends, and employers, in order to enjoy their love of tattoo artwork."


Director and producer Beverly Yuen Thompson, Ph.D. further explains what sparked Covered:

"Tattoo culture has now entered the mainstream with its exponential growth in popularity, reality television shows, and nationwide tattoo conventions. While Kat Von D might have made it to television stardom as a female tattooist, other women's voices from the tattoo community have been notably absent. When women are present, such as in tattoo magazines, they are often sexually objectified. Covered sets out to remedy these oversights by shedding light on the history of women in the tattoo industry and to share the voices and perspectives of heavily tattooed women in the United States."

The film is recently released and will start making the film festival as well as academic circuits. Will keep you posted on screenings.

Woo-hoo! I'm looking forward to seeing this film, too, and I'm excited to see it reviewed here. Although I had absolutely nothing to do with the making of "Covered", I can't help but feel a little proud, as Beverly was my student years ago.

Thanks so much for reviewing the movie! Please check out the website for the movie http://Coveredthemovie.com

Also, join the facbook fan pages:


I will be posting more clips and info as well.

HA! You can always count on Tuttle for a hilarious pull-quote...

The Tuttle quote was pretty funny but not surprising.

Can't wait to see it!

So great to see Patty Kelley. She looks great, although I know she's very ill. Looks like a great film.

oh thank you!! this looks amazing. dare I say it makes me want to jam out with my clam out?
melina bee

really looking forward to this.
nice to see proud and talented tattooed women!

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