Dan DiMattia Using Color in His Tattoos *gasp*
06:55 PM
dan dimattia tattoo.jpg
In what can only be described as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, tribal/blackwork tattoo specialist Daniel DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo is adding more color to his tattoos!!!
[Not enough exclamation points exist to express this shocking news.]

I just saw the half-sleeve above on Tattoo Now's Tattoo of the Day -- a feature I check religiously -- and thought, "Wow, interesting use of color in dotwork shading amongst blackwork. I wonder who the artist is..." Wait, that's my tattoo artist (and yes, the dude I was once married to for all y'all gossip mongers)!

Considering Dan is tattooing my foot next month when he's in for the NYC Tattoo Convention (May 14-16), I figured I'd head to the Calypso Tattoo website and see what other new things Dan's been doing to mix up his portfolio. Alas, I didn't find anything crazy like a biomechanical portrait tattoo of Beyonce surrounded by Koi fish (I wish!), but there were new artistic influences like this modern art tattoo and this Egyptian-inspired piece; however, it seems he is staying true to what he is renowned for: a powerful blend of tribal-inspired art like these works and more feminine henna-inspired tattoos.

While Dan is booked for his New York trip, the best way to get work from him is to head to his studio in Liege, Belgium for a tattoo holiday. [Hit him up via his contact page.]

Once it's healed, I'll be sure to post pix of my new foot tattoo, which will complement the other one prettied by Jacqueline Spoerle (wrote about healing that one here).

If you haven't seen Dan's tattoo work on me, check 'em here.

!!!! (I felt more were needed.) Amazing news. Great work

red isn't really a colour when it come to tattoos though is it?
i reckon if xed also uses it then it's become a neutral now...lol!

thanks for the post x

Always amazing to me to hear about black and white guys go to color. It is like they're giving up their trademark. Looks really good though.

I think red is the only other color I have seen Dan work with. Of course I love it, how can you not?

I saw this piece on his site the other week, it's stunning!

I've finally managed to secure a rough date for when I can get over to Liege to see Dan, and get more work done on my sleeve. It's only taken, ooo, two years? Damn the economy!

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