DareDevil Apprentice Does Her First Tattoo Under Fire
11:45 AM

This fun video of DareDevil Tattoo apprentice Mina had me laughing (and impressed) as she does her first tattoo on co-owner Brad Fink -- under some very extreme circumstances. Tattooing Brad is pretty rough in itself, but she came through and got his nod of approval. And earning the respect of Brad and partner Michelle Myles isn't easy. Michelle explains on Devil City Press how Mina did it:

"In the time that Mina has been at the shop, others have come and gone with the same aspirations. I get constant requests for apprenticeships. Why did we decide to teach her? Because Mina was happy to put in the time and didn't come to the shop with a sense of entitlement and just put in her time starting at the bottom. Mina earned her place by impressing everyone at the shop with her progress as an artist and by her willingness to do whatever was asked of her just for the opportunity to work in an environment where she knew she would learn whether we ever offered to teach her or not."

If you want a free starter tattoo by Mina, contact DareDevil.

that poor girl! she is so cute, and also seems quite young for such an accomplishment. Dare I say girl power?
melina bee

poor girl :d

Go Girl GO!!

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