moodINQ: Programmable Tattoo System
10:50 AM
moodinq_grid_zoom.jpgFinally, a scientific breakthrough for those wanting sick tats but just can't commit to getting tatted up because they don't know what hot ink they want because, ya know, tatties aren't just for sailors, bikers and criminals anymore ...

Now there's moodInq: a programmable tattoo system that lets you change your body art at will. Read more:    

"The uses of a moodInq tattoo are endless. Going home to visit Mom & Dad? Run the wand over your lower back and remove that "tramp stamp" your parents forbid you to get. Need to impress a hot date? Prove you're a man with family values when you show up with your MOM tattoo. Need a green way to keep a grocery list or note to self? Tattoo it on your arm! Are you good enough, smart enough, and gosh-darn-it-people-like-you? Tattoo your favorite affirmations and get through those rough days with ease. The moodInq lets you change your tattoo to suit your mood!"

With moodInq, I can instantly go from boardroom to barroom without having to worry about employment discrimination against the modded (because I'm all about the right to bare neck and knuckle ink with abandon. FTW!!).

Order moodInq online or get the limited edition Kat Von D line of changeable tat designs at Sephora.

[Thanks for the hellasick link, Pat!]

**Please keep in mind that this post was written on April 1st. ahem.**

Wait, I'm sorry, did you just use the word, or a variation of, "tat", four times? The very word you abhor and rail against every chance you get?! Who are you and where is Marisa!

"Tat" and "tatted"; must be April Fool's Day!

I thought this would give it away:

" ...because I'm all about the right to bare neck and knuckle ink with abandon. FTW!!"


So, I'm reading this this thinking, "OMG! Why is she using the word 'tat' WTF?" Then I realized it's April Fools Day, and I'm all like, "LOL!"
Ah, good times.


Also, I read it "boardroom to bedroom."

im gonna go and say...


For a second I totally thought you lost your mind - especially reading this on April 2nd.

hehe. Just added a note reminding people that this was written on April 1st because I got so many private messages from readers asking if I was "ok."

Seriously guys, why else would I use "tats" or any derivative thereof unless I'm joking!? ;)

For a second there I was like "wtf, Did two of my female heros just fall from grace in one swoop?!"
lolz. But seriously, have your read about the lcd monitors they might start implanting beneath the skin? (primarily for medical purposes, like reading blood sugar, but people are already thinking of projecting dirty movies on their partners' backsides... gross)
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