Not an April Fool: "Tattoo Gunfight" Show
09:38 AM

I was gonna do an April Fools' Day post -- although it could never compare the most awesome Tattoo Your Toddler hoax -- but really, how much more foolish can you get than yet another attempt at a tattoo reality show? Production companies keep trying nonetheless. The latest:

"Tattoo Gunfight is a TV series that pits top rival tattoo artists in a competition to create the most unique and interesting tattoo on an outspoken celebrity [ooh, edgy]. Each episode two rival artists will be working in the same style of tattoo and out of their studio. The show is hosted by tattoo culture experts Sean Litteljohn and Killer Kelly Rothschild [who?] who will quiz the artists and their celebrity canvases about what tattoos mean for them and how they effect their lives [because all tattoos must have deep meaning!!]. You will bet a fast cut glimpse into the worlds of tattooing along wilt profiles on the celebrities [typos are all theirs]."

Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Essentially, it's a ripoff, cut-rate version of the wonderful Tattoo Wars series, which was ditched after one season because it was about good tattooing by masters of the craft and not D-List celebs getting "tatted up."

Arguably, it could be worse. And by worse, I mean Inkslingers. No joke.

I really liked 'Tattoo Wars' Bring it back!!!!


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Tattoo Wars was the only good one! ...so they had to take it off the air.

how about a contest in which each artist has to convince a random stranger to tattoo thier face with 50 stars?
1st to finish wins the top douchebag award!

wait, tattoos used to only be for bikers, sailors & criminals? i've never heard THAT before.

Yeah, but it's Scott McEwan and he's awesome as an artist, plus he showed up late for his own tv spot.

yeah but the webpage will never be a show. not with forest gump and his side kick "stumpy" rothschild as hosts

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